[Originally Posted on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2016, and shared on the TONE website (trustandobeynews.com) only. Edited: Dec. 14, 2023 and also posted on modulatingtones.com]

At the end of the 1990 decade, and for approximately two to three years into the new millennium, a couple of us laboring in the harvest would visit folks living in shelters. One was in Newark, New Jersey and the other in Port Elizabeth. Our charge was clear. We were being sent to “show love.” Our mandate was to show and give love to all those who wanted and received it regardless of their faith. On some evenings we did it through music, on other nights through videos, but on every occasion, through food, laughter, hugs, scripture and prayer.

As a Christian ministry team that included Rev. Pearlie Hodge Carter, PhD., the anointed keyboardist Hugh Potts and more, we knew in whom we believed and understood that it was because of our faith and what we believed that we were there. We were there because of the love of JESUS CHRIST. We were there because His love lifted us up out of a dark place in our own lives and helped us to walk in the bright Light because of His life. We believed and was touched by His love so strongly, we felt compelled to share it with others. Freely He gave and freely we received. And although our intentions were not to proselytize, we did want to make it known that we were saved by the Grace of God through His Son, JESUS, and that same love that saved us was able to save them. 

Thank You, God for this day!

This Thanksgiving morning after I prayed, I thought about a man I met in the Newark shelter. What a handsome man he was. I saw such strength in his overall features even though they were hiding behind a fallen countenance. He shared his story with me and told me that it was because of his addiction to drugs that he found himself living in a shelter. He also said that he didn't mind being there because it is only when he is in dire straits that his mother's love is bestowed upon him. It was only during those times that he was able to get the affection he continuously longed for from his mother.

You see, his mother was also his sister. She survived incest after being continuously molested over a period of time by her father. This family history made it difficult for his sister to embrace him as his mother. Although she earnestly attempted to love her son, it was very hard for her to do and this caused him much pain throughout his life. He acknowledged his strong faith in God and expressed an unwavering belief in JESUS CHRIST. He strongly believed that one day - by the grace of God - he would no longer have to do harmful things to himself in order to see his mother and get her affection. Today my prayer includes that man and his mother as I am convinced now and believed then that God's healing mercies can restore their broken relationship and make them whole.

Thank You, Father God, for this day! Thank You for those who unselfishly intercede on behalf of others. Thank You for those who labor in the harvest. Thank You, Merciful Creator, for this day! Bless Your intercessors. Bless Your laborers. In JESUS' name, amen.

1Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV)
In every thing give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Peace & Blessings.

Yetta N.A.


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