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Has someone wronged you and just walked away without restitution? Perhaps they still have what they have taken and have not returned it. Because we forgive at the spiritual level does not release us from the natural and human level. When Jesus restored Zaccheus after his career as a tax collector, he made restitution to those from whom he had taken by giving half of what he owned to the poor and paying back, four times what he had stolen. (Luke 19: 1-10).

It is not only in being forgiven, it's our response to being forgiven that matters. Being forgiven is not the question, it is what we do with the forgiveness that affects and restore our personal relationships.

If you are having relationship problems with someone that you’ve had conflict with or mistreated in some way or they feel that you have done this and there still seems to be an impediment between the two of you, perhaps you should think about restitution. If you have taken something from someone that does not belong to you or they feel that is theirs, return it or try to make a payment of some kind. It may not be possible to pay the true value and that is not what is important, it is the act of restitution and the intention of restitution that is important. 

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