When I think of Mrs. Williams, who recently went on to be with the Lord this year, I can’t help but also think  of Mr. Williams (affectionately called Speed by some) , who transitioned in 2015,  and how their relationship was summed up  through my experience with them as  a child.  As I think back now, I know it was the Lord.  It had to have been  the love of Jesus Christ that made me feel so good after each visit to their home in the town we both resided located in Linden, New Jersey.

As a child, you don’t really know what experiences will impact you in the ways that they do until you find yourself reflecting on them as an adult.   You then begin to understand how they helped shaped you or have influenced you in some way or another.  Something so seemingly small could be the most significant which is why I believe all adults have a mature obligation  to exhibit healthy behaviors in the presence of  all children as well as showing them love and kindness.  This  can not only help them get through a day, but – so too – can  make a positive difference in their lives. 

 Every time I visited the Williams’  home because of my childhood friendship with their youngest daughter, Shirley, I felt love and such a warm welcoming spirit from them.   It was a love that not only exuded from them, but also from all three of their children.   It  was electrifying.

Mr. Williams may  be outside in the driveway looking into the open hood of a car but never too busy to greet me with a smile like I made his day just by showing up.  Mrs. Williams may have just finished churning her homemade ice cream – which was so good – but was always ready to let me have a nice  size portion of it.  I never knew you could make ice cream at home and thought it could only be bought in a  store.   I was blown away that you could make your own ice cream.  Shirley recently told me that it was her Aunt Emma’s recipe; but nevertheless,  Mrs. Williams  put her foot in it! Of course, not literally!   It was better than any store-bought ice cream I have ever had to this day and so lip licking indescribably good!

 I don’t know why, but I imagine Mr. and Mrs. Williams as the young couple I witnessed in the movie “The Notebook.”  I suppose it was the love felt between the two movie actors on screen as well as the love felt when in the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Williams. 

I realize now that it had to have been  Mr. and Mrs. Williams’  love for God which was  the guiding post in how they lived their lives.  They both served faithfully in the church they attended in Newark, New Jersey  - Mr. Williams  as a deacon and Mrs. Williams a deaconess - . and undoubtedly their  love and understanding of Jesus Christ and what He did on Calvary’s Cross is what helped them be an example of who He was.

I’m sorry I didn’t get an opportunity to interact more with Mr. and Mrs. Williams as an adult, but so grateful to God that the Williams family was a part of my life. It was something about that family that made me feel good.  I will cherish those childhood  memories shared with them and thank God for the experience and impact it has made on my life.

Yetta N.A.

Keep walking towards the Cross. ​DON'T GIVE UP! 
Until the next time, remember Jesus loves you

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