Many of us don’t think twice about whether a chair will hold us up as we prepare to sit down in it.  We just sit down and position ourselves in the four legged seat thinking nothing of it.  In the same way, we don’t believe our homes will collapse when entering in them.  We believe we will be safely sheltered within the abode in which we live.  This is the same confidence our Father God Jehovah wants us to have in Him.  He wants us to surrender it all – our total being and every area of our lives – to Him.  He wants us to find shelter in His arms.  Trust God, Beloved.  Believe Jesus.  Give the matter to the Holy Spirit.  Have faith that God will work it all out for you.  He will do it!  Nothing is too big.  Nothing is too hard.  God can work it all out if you turn it over to Him and surrender it all.  Try it.  Pray:  “Father God I turn this situation, matter, relationship, etc. (call it out) over to You.  I can’t fix it.  I can’t change it.  Nothing I do is working.  I need Your help, Holy Spirit, and surrender all control into Your hands.  My faith is in You, God.  I believe Your Word with all my heart that nothing is impossible with You.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.”

For with God nothing will be impossible.
Luke 1:37 (NKJV)

Peace & Blessings.

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Keep walking towards the Cross. ​DON'T GIVE UP! 
Until the next time, remember Jesus loves you

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