As I imagined this conversation taking place primarily about a mother and daughter who at one time in their lives both contemplated having an abortion, I thought about how grateful I was for believing in the God that I believe in.. That WONDERFUL COUNSELOR and MIGHTY GOD JEHOVAH, Who gives us the choice to choose – even HIM.

A choice to choose our own destiny while at the same time hoping we seek Him in the process.  Hoping we seek Him even in the despair so that we can find His love and become aware of His Grace.  Hoping we accept the Gift of Life through His only begotten Son, JESUS CHRIST, so that we can live and not die. Hoping we love Him enough to honor His Old Testament commandments even though we are under His New Testament Grace. And hoping we trust and obey Him in faith by choosing to love one another in obedience to what Jesus commanded. Now come with me, as we listen in...

Female Baby:  She chose life!

Female Baby now a Teenager:  Jesus chose me!

Female Baby’s Mother:  I chose to trust God.  In Him I do believe.

Christian Friend:  God gave her a choice and she prayed on bended knees

Female Baby’s Mother:  Agape love I needed most.  Trusting God was the key.

Christian Friend:  God will never leave you nor forsake you. In Him, you must believe.

Female Baby now a Teenager:  

Jesus Christ is the answer 
He’s been a lamp unto my feet
My God did not condemn me
Gave me a choice
Now I believe

It was hard to hear His Voice at first
Could not hear what I should do
So much hate, 
So much noise
I heard
But My God...
He did get through

Male Baby whose
Mother is Female
Baby now a
Teenager:                         She chose life!

Male Baby now a
man in his 20's whose
Mother is Female
Baby now an
Adult:                                       Hallelujah, Now I see!

Pregnant Girlfriend of
Male Baby now in his 20's
whose Mother is Female
Baby now an Adult:                Yes Lord, I hear You, 
                                                And now  I  - too - believe!

Female Baby #2:                    She chose life!

It is God's hope that we accept, believe, and receive His Gift of Salvation through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, so that we can live and not die.  That precious Gift that  will enable us to “trust and obey” our Father by having faith in Him and believing He is working out every situation for our good.

God loves you and cares about you.  The past is behind you; and as you walk into your future and take steps today in the now, our Father is willing to walk along side of you helping you through every situation.  Seek Him while He may be found. Choose life!

Peace & Blessings.

Trust and Obey News
5 Loaves / 2 Fish

Keep walking towards the Cross. ​DON'T GIVE UP! 
Until the next time, remember Jesus loves you

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