My name is George Caleb Oguta, and I was born and raised in KENYA as a Luo tribesman.

Despite the fact that my mother and father were both proclaimed Catholics, the head of our home was Satan. I grew up in a household engaged in alcoholism, prostitution, domestic violence and more.

One day in 1996 a pastor stopped by our home on his way to another destination. He discovered my father and mother physically fighting on one side of the house and my grandmother - who was drunk – shouting on the opposite side. That man of God who was known as Pastor Edward Samuel, intervened by stopping the fight and praying for my parents right there. Pastor Samuel returned to our home the following day with his Bible in hand and led my parents to the Book of Galatians, chapter 5, verses 19 through 21. He held a Bible Study right there in our home and helped my parents to see that the life they were living was not pleasing unto God

As a result of those divine interactions with Pastor Samuel and the teachings received from the Word of God, my mother and father surrendered to the power of the Holy Spirit and repented for those things they were doing that were opposed to God. They realized that prior to accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior with Pastor Samuel, that they had not truly accepted Him before. They proclaimed to be Catholics, but they were not living as Christians. The life they were living was not Christ-like.

My father offered land to Pastor Samuel, and Pastor Samuel built a church on that land. The church was called The Church of the Nazarene, and it is still standing today on the plot that was donated. We currently use the vacant Church of the Nazarene building for our Youth Sunday School and other missionary efforts like housing families displaced by the floods.

I am the second born in my family and my father was disappointed in me because I was not smart in school. There was also a rumor that I was born out of wedlock, and my supposed father was not my biological father. I believe this was another reason he resented me. All of these circumstances, i.e., the domestic violence, alcoholism, prostitution, and resentment from my father, severely impacted my emotions, but because I also accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I began to devote myself to God.

A larger sanctuary was built on the same land of the Church of the Nazarene, and the new church – named by my father – is known as Centre Fellowship of Christ. I began cleaning the Church and continued doing that until God gradually promoted me to other positions. I was the security, bag carrier for the Pastor, Church Translator, and Sunday school leader. Eventually, I was appointed as an Associate Pastor.

We started out with a handful of members and God began multiplying us. We have grown from this day to 300 members made up of children and adults, and we also have other small churches in the surrounding towns. I am currently the Senior Pastor of Centre Fellowship of Christ in Rongo, Kenya and grateful to what God is doing during this season of my life.

The Lord has connected us with Elder Yetta N. Armstrong and we have aligned ourselves with the ministry God has entrusted to her. Centre Fellowship of Christ Church Rongo and all of our sister churches are now in alliance with Center Fellowship of Christ Ministries, a NJ Nonprofit Organization.

Pastor Oguta is a guest blogger.  He is the Senior Pastor at Centre Fellowship of Christ Church in Rongo, Kenya. located at Emmaus Catholic stress, along Old Homebay Kisii Road. Koguta Family Estate, Emmaus Catholic Street. Centre Fellowship of Christ Church is in alliance with Center Fellowship of Christ Ministries, a NJ Nonprofit Organization.